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Thu, 15 Jul 2004

Debian-Installer tried, Fillets NG, djb

Some days ago I tried the new debian-installer. I like it. It's straight forward and has some quite interesting features that were often requested before. The default user doesn't have the realname preset with "Debian User" anymore, so I hope people will more likely put something sensible in. And: It will be put into the hardware groups for audio, video and such so there is need anymore to do that by hand. Great work, pals!
Only some small things I'd like to notice: It doesn't warn you setting stupid (or even not so obvious) flags for some harddisk partitions. I stumbled over that because I thought: "Hey, nice feature, I guess I'll set /tmp to noexec..." but that didn't work out because the shell after the reboot seems to be put into /tmp. There is already a warning message if you put / on a LVM volume that tells you that it can't boot afterwards (but it would be nice to have that before doing that work...). So I don't think a warning message about those mount options would be a bad idea.

lefant asked me to sponsor Fillets NG. I guess I'll do it, once I solved that "Plants on the Stairs" level. He will be on vacation for some time now so I have noone behind me who wants me to upload it RSN. Great! If you like to give it a try, use this lines in your sources.list:

# fillets ng
deb http://lefant.net/debian ./

Due to some question in #debian.de I was once again browsing the homepage of D.J. Bernstein. Although I can't agree less with him on the (hidden) license of qmail (heck, he could take it from the page and you won't have anything left which allows you to use it), he has a point on his Software user's rights page. The only problem is: It is US centric, and he doesn't seem to care about the rest of the world. Tough luck that the US is only a small part with respect to the rest of the world...

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