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Thu, 08 Jul 2004

lapvi in NEW queue

I've uploaded ldapvi into the pool yesterday. A great tool which helps immensly maintaining ldap databases, or even just for a quick query. And I noticed that there doesn't seem to be a ldif.vim in sarge yet. Can't wait for vim 6.3 in sarge. I guess I'll have to request from upstream to name the temporary file data.ldif or such.... It is now sitting in the NEW queue, and if you can't wait for it to make it into the pool you can find preliminary packages (built on a sarge system, though; not the version I uploaded) on my website like I do for most of the packages I am working on.

Received some funny spam today, might cheer up your day, so I am going to share the intersting parts with you:

To: Alfie <alfie@debian.org>
From: Sfrost <sfrost@debian.org>

[-- Attachment #2: You_are_dismissed.com --]

And another one:

While surfing your site, I discovered that your site theme matches ....

Our link information:
Title: MCSE Certification

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