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Wed, 02 Jun 2004

Photos from the Linuxwochen, Cinema

I've put my photos from the Linuxwochen online. There are directories for all four days. I will tweak them a little bit (like, rotate them accordingly) and maybe even rename them, or adding an index file with thumbnails, I don't know yet. So please don't link to the pictures directly because those links won't last....

Have been seeing "The Prince & Me" yesterday. If you aren't a true fan of Julia there is no real need to watch this film. Especially the ending is one of the worst I've seen in ages, it looked like they were forced to add it so it is able to make it in Hollywood...
Second movie this time has been "Runaway Jury". This one I can on the other hand truly recommend. It has a quite intersting story that isn't completely clear until quite late in the movie. It made up for the other one. :-)

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