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Tue, 24 Feb 2004

wesnoth on backports.org, three films watched yesterday

At the weekend I've uploaded the update of wesnoth that Isaac did. Fumbled once with the .changes file (was unfamilar with sbuild), tried to fix it, fumbled a second time but still made it in time for the dinstall run. I also prepared an update for backports.org so people running woody can use it, too. wesnoth.debian.net does both have these packages available via http now and is running the version of the server on the default port. I hope will hit testing this time so testing have a networked playable version, too. And I plan to stick to the version we have in testing for wesnoth.debian.net because devsrv.wesnoth.org does run the latest devel release anyway.
Tried to get into translation of wesnoth. Harder than I guessed. They don't use gettext (yet), and their own tool for the translation isn't able to check for fuzzy strings, nor does it squeeze multiple matching strings together. I guess I have to do my own script to work around that.

Have been to cinema yesterday again. This time it was three films: First "The School of Rock". Was quite funny and especially intersting to see what kind of music they were using for the film.
Next has been "Paycheck". Terrific. Both the story and the action caught me; no wonder, directed by John Woo. If you haven't yet I would suggest you give it a try.
The third film has been "Torque". About some biker gangs. Somewhat nice scenes though nothing stunning, to be honest....

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