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Sat, 14 Feb 2004

Windows sources, Bingo, Rhonda

I guess everyone has heared about the latest funny news: Part of the Windows sources leaked somewhere and is now in the wild. How funny that part is how severe the problem it holds: I can just hope that no reasonable Free Software developer (especially no Debian Developer) looks into the sources. I can just estimate what the Microsoft laywers might think of when they find routings similar or seemingly inspired by theirs....
People, please don't expose yourself to this danger.

I am a bit nervous. Today I will be candidate in Austrians Bingo show. I registered about one and a half year ago for it and got the call about three weeks ago. I hope I will win, the prize would be a trip to a place not yet known. We will see...

Quite some people wonder who this Rhonda in IRC is. Yes, she is part of me. Initially I choose it because the host on which my Alfie client was running had a network problem and I wanted to avoid a nick collision when I managed to get it back up, but now I feel quite comfortable with it. There is more behind it with choosing a female nick, but that isn't something that I want to exposure right ahead to partly totally strangers. After all, everyone can read this :)

Happy Valentines Day, pals! If I would find the time I would love to diddle some ascii flower that I could include in here (I hope to add some arts every now and then to my blog), but I'm a little in a hurry now, sorry... And no, I won't put the outworn oneline rose in, under no circumstances. That's not original at all :)

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