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Sun, 14 Mar 2004

Building on my own machine again, DPL vote 2004, Wir sind Helden

Like I said before, I now have some space left on my notebook harddisk again. I took this chance and installed sbuild. Quite interesting thing. Played around a little bit, got annoyed by the disclaimer in /etc/sbuild.conf (why the heck is it lying around in /etc when one isn't allowed to edit it??!), but built the first package with it now. (Or something like that... sbuild wasn't able to find/install one of the build depends although I even have installed it by hand. Did a gochroot and dpkg-buildpackage on my own.) elvis is now up to date again (sponsored package, RC-bug closed) and I also used dpkg-sig this time. Nice thing, too, although the manual page speaks of "sign-as gives the name of the signature (usually builder for builder of the deb, ...)." and nowhere to find out what that "..." could mean.

Another year, another Debian Project Leader vote. This year I thought it would be a good idea to translate the platforms into German, too. Finished it and the translations are now online. I just haven't translated the platform of algernon yet. I am afraid that some tama will sit on me if I do....
Though I think it's kinda interested that some people seem to a) only have translated Branden's platform but not the others — and b) not even commited them to the webwml tree. I personally consider this as somewhat biased and something that shouldn't happen... If you are the author of one of the translations please consider adding it to the webwml cvs tree and also translate the other platforms, in the sense of fairness.

From my first week not hanging around in the various #debian.de IRC channels (or others, fwiw) I can say that it gives me quite some time for other work. I'm still not really convinced that it is a good thing because I know that I helped quite some people, but if that help isn't appreciated it is quite frustrating...

Finally bought a new CD again. Although it isn't that new anymore but it was rather cheap: 10,- € instead of the usual 18,- € nowadays. It is "Die Reklamation" from "Wir sind Helden", a great german band. A remix of their hitsingle "Guten Tag" can be downloaded from their homepage, too. With this in mind: "Guten Tag, guten Tag, ich will mein Leben zurück...".

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