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Wed, 31 Mar 2004

metakit uploaded - debhelper check; Luther, Scary Movie 3, Polly

Finally managed to get metakit finished. is sitting in NEW for now. For those interested they can fetch it from /debian/metakit/ on my homepage. I am not sure if packaging it makes much sense, though. I picked it up because grub-client (a shared search engine) needed an update, but that package got removed from the pool because upstream doesn't seem to be that interested in the linux version as they are in the windows version; and noone reacted to the segfault problems. The other dependency that needed metakit back then was flightgear, but that doesn't use it anymore neither.
On the other hand, at least two people asked me for an update because of tcl8.4 and python2.3 transition. I am not sure if they just wanted to get rid of tcl8.3 and python2.2 dependencies or are really interested in it, though. I guess I'll have to mail them.

While working on metakit I though noticed why debhelper is a charm. It helps quite well for larger packages which produce different deb files. Especially dh_movefiles is interesting (although I already have been told that dh_install is the successor, so no need to mail me on that part ;)). I still prefer doing my own debian/rules file because I want to know what is going on. I think it is worthwhile to do it because I guess you tend to lose grip with the policy if you depend on debhelper too much. Someone told me that own written debian/rules file are hard to maintain; but I like to disagree. You can't do a general statement on that. I have seen a horrible debian/rules file and I am quite confident that my own written one isn't any problem. At least it keeps me tracking the policy, which I am quite sure not every other Debian Developer does...

Like I said, I watched "Luther" on monday. Although I consider it to be done quite terse it was really worth it. And I was wrong, it wasn't the latest work staring Sir Peter Ustinov, it was the last....
Yesterday we watched "Scary Movie 3" and "Along Came Polly". The former was quite funny, although I remember to have laughed more on the latter. The ferret was the most intersting role in it :)

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