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Mon, 08 Mar 2004

Backstabbed, Hardware problem

It does hurt when you get backstabbed. But it makes you think about the things you do. The more you do the more people will dislike what you do. So I took it as a chance to reduce my activities and will concentrate on my main duties instead of trying to help people that doesn't seem to appreciate my help anyway. I guess in the end I will end up with lots more of time for myself, hopefully.

Encountered my first serious hardware problem this weekend. First my screen session broke away, afterwards I was faced with kernel oops over and over again. You lose grip with the world when it happens at the same like the above... Tried to rsync my stuff off the disk onto a different host, but the kernel oops were faster than the sync started. Finally thought about taking out one ram module and finished syncing off and installing memtest86+. The new memory module seems to have serious problems, am back down to 64M of memory again :-/. Guess I have to send it back.
But that made me finally repartition my harddisk. Having quite some space left and I guess I will upgrade to unstable again to do package builds on my own machine. Will ease the testing of them and similar....

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