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Fri, 27 Feb 2004

debconf translations, buffy night

Don't you hate that, too? You have a package which is sitting in the pool for quite some time now, already made it to testing, and then you think you can do an update and take the translations that came in in the meantime, and right the next day someone sends in another translation... I wonder if there are translators out there who like to get maintainers annoyed...

Yesterday there was a Buffy Night over here. They played four episodes, entry was free, you just got to consume at least for 5 € (you got to pay for a voucher). The fourth episode was of course "Once more with a feeling" (also known as the musical episode), as highlight of the evening. Haven't seen it before unfortunately, but it was really great. Reminded me why I liked Spike so much and am looking forward to the fifth season of Angel in which Spike is said to appear again. Can hardly wait for it, over here they are just at season 3 of Angel....

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