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Fri, 20 Feb 2004

dsa-long.XX.rdf fixed, debtags update

Wiggy noticed yesterday that the dsa-long.rdf files were broken: an empty entry showed up on planet.debian.net. While looking into this I noticed a bigger problem: HTML tags weren't addressed at all. So I worked on fixing it and finally got it working - you can see links in your dsa-long.lang.rdf files now!
Discovered another problem in the parsing today with \ at the end of lines (line concatenation). Because it isn't parsed through wml it got displayed in the final file. Fixed too.

Some people addressed me after my first release of debtags. Marco suggested me to add support for #175356 style notation (simply # followed by 4 to 6 numbers) - is in now (and btw., I could need help with that bug ;). Someone else asked me why I don't use debpackagetag. The reason is quite simple: It doesn't fulfil my needs (short tags) and its license isn't DFSG free. After all, it doesn't have any license at all... Somewhat unacceptable for something for Debian, don't you agree?

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