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Wed, 24 Mar 2004

Don't ask me if you don't want accurate translations...

Dear Branden!

You wanted to discuss it public, so I follow your advice. I thought you wanted to discuss it seriously, but I was wrong. I thought you were longing for accurate translations of your platform, but you seem to were longing for an interpretation of what you might have meant but not written. You showed me two people that don't see "evangelize" as religious. And you showed me two people that do consider the German translation into "missionieren" as something religios (but one saw it not too unfitting here, too). And you showed me that you didn't want to have discussed it seriously but want to have me mobbed.

I am quite confident that it isn't too hard to find native english speakers who do see the origin of the english word evangelize. And I do know that missionieren is used quite regularly in the German Linux community without any religios things in mind. You don't buy that reason, fine. But the next time when you want to have something translated don't come to me if you are not longing for an accurate translation but for an interpretation that might fit your needs....

I will respect the value and contributions of each of our developers. ... Yeah, whatever.

So long,

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