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Sun, 15 Feb 2004

wesnoth.debian.net, Bingo won

wesnoth.debian.net is up and running. With many thanks to Ben Armstrong we have working woody packages of the latest release I have mirrored his packages on the wesnoth.debian.net page, and the very same host is running the wesnoth-server package already, so you can play there, if you like.

Yes, I've won! Like discussed in my last blog entry I've taken part yesterday at the bingo show here in austria. And I've won over the other four candidates. Wasn't really that hard, the questions are never really hard, you just have to be faster than the others with the bumper to be able to answer. I've won a stay for three days/two nights in a hotel in Salzburg with breakfast. Not that much but I it will be relaxing. And a chance to meet weasel IRL again. I thank everyone who crossed their fingers!

Like I promised my wife we got a new cat because I won. Actually we got two new which sum up to six now, actually. They are still very shy of course, will see how long it takes for them to get warm with us.... No pictures yet but they will be put onto the website of my wife eventually. I guess I will add a hint to my blog then, too.

Recently finished reading "The Wolves in the Wall" by Neil Gaiman. Though it is not very long and looks more like a children book it is really cool. I guess everyone who read "Coraline" or "Neverwhere" will like it, too.

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