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Mon, 26 Sep 2005

Rename security.d.o to lamp.d.o

Given the recent security advisories I request the following: Please rename security.d.o to lamp.d.o because it hosts all the packages anyway....
To install a server nowadays you need to wait for security.d.o or have a local cache.

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Wed, 14 Sep 2005

Prove your Guilty

From http://www.att.net/general-info/rblinquiry.html:

You must ... provide an explanation for the abuse that caused the block, ... but we cannot provide examples of the spam you sent.

Yes, of course I know why AT&T blocks us (for those not getting it, that is meant sarcastic). They can't, but well, every ISP out there should know why they got blocked by them themselfes... Nice world, isn't it.

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Wed, 07 Sep 2005

Strandbar Hermann, Shiraz

Sun, Beach, Sangria — vacations in the city. Have been to the Strandbar Herrmann this evening. A beach directly in vienna next to the danube, what else do you need to relax. It really was a nice thing, I'll have to thank the people taking me there enourmously, besides that it was a joy to get to know them, too.
Everyone able to visit it: do it! Don't think about it, just do it! You'll enjoy it. The sandy beach feels soooo good below the feet....

Afterwards I wanted to get home to sleep, just drove the people I've been around with to their next stop. But somehow there was a parking space right there so I joined them. And we found the Shiraz: an ethno-oriental relaxing place with really cosy seating places and a nice ambience. I am no smoker, but the waterpipe was simply the best ending for a perfect evening. We had an apple flavoured tobacco, though I am not sure if it was much tobacco or mostly flavour. I'll definitely visit it again, and everyone coming to vienna: make sure that you go there, you'll find it as nice and relaxing as me. Granted.

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