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Thu, 28 Apr 2005


Some of my Haikus will appear only here because I don't think they are good enough for my deviantART account, others though are appearing only over there because they are too personal for over here. So if someone is really interested they'd have to track both sites...

The following was written on the way to a meeting, I wasn't feeling too well neither... But the foreboding were more or less correct... This is though one of those which I don't upload to dA.

Meetings waste much time.
Though people tell it's worth it
I cannot agree.

Discussing is tough
with people that disagree
and see it as art

I am on my way
to just another meeting
why oh why no end....

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Tue, 26 Apr 2005

grieg is online

Like you most propably have read already we have a new arm machine online that is expected to go into real operation soon. We have to thank again Harald Kapper for hosting the machine (you might remember him as the person hosting a mipsel machine that Andreas Barth is using as buildd for experimental and non-free. Many kudos, Harald!!

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Wed, 20 Apr 2005

Chain Letters

I stumbled upon murtletheturtle on deviantART and her latest Journal Entry rant about chain mails. This inspired this quick Haiku:

Chain Letters or Mails
From a Dead Society
Me wonders: No Cure?

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Tue, 19 Apr 2005

Der Abend

Some might have noticed that I recently noticed the joy of writing haikus. I discussed about it with a friend and we decided to start a haiku section in our blogs.

Though I blog always both in English and in German I don't want to limit my haikus to such that align in both languages, so I hope you don't mind too much when they are only available in one language. I promise that I'll write some in English as in German (just like I've done already.)

Alright, here it goes. Title for this one can be seen above, meaning "The Evening":

der abend, still, ruhig
eine andächtige zeit
außer man geht fort

dann geht es echt rund
und man lässt sich total geh'n
bis es dir leid tut

doch kein zurück mehr
zu spät und du hast versagt
nie mehr wiederseh'n

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Mon, 18 Apr 2005

Debian is Doomed

Today a package hit sarge that is upstream maintained by Microsoft: pptview (Copyright file).
<comment />

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Fri, 15 Apr 2005

SPAM in Figlet

Today I received this SPAM mail:

Subject: what's the time Mr Wolf?                                               

     ______  _____         _______ _     _
    |_____/ |     | |      |______  \___/
    |    \_ |_____| |_____ |______ _/   \_




Now this is a really interesting way to avoid the word match filters for rolex. Never saw before the use of figlet in a SPAM message... I feel inclined to click the link just to honor the creativity of it...

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Sun, 10 Apr 2005

Love Sucks

Some friend mentioned that she was listening for days now to just one song. Firstly I found the idea strange, and no wonder it didn't work out for me with that very song. Though, after some special incident yesterday I found the song with which it works for me: "Love Sucks" from Die fantastischen Vier. I'm listening now to it in a loop since yesterday (with a little break of radio and roleplaying and sleeping). I guess there might be for most people such a song. Would be interested which songs is able to do it for you.

Yesterday I also wrote this Haiku. The only drawback about is that it doesn't involve any nature/season reference, but then, love is sort of part of the nature, not?

Love sucks. yes, really
There is no love or respect
In this world no more

I'm fine, thanks. But I needed to get this off me. Back to being happy, won't we. :)

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