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Fri, 18 Nov 2005

that's what friends are for

After quite a while a new Haiku. This time it's somewhat longer, and (like mostly) due to recent happenings. I hope you like it as much as the person for whom I wrote it.

friends are there for you
they help you through thick and thin
that's what friends are for

to depend on them
is just really natural
don't try to be strong

show them how you feel
if they are true friends for you
they are there for you

helping through bad times
is what friendship is about
so don't try to hide

friends are there in good
but you find out when in bad
who is your real friend

people hanging out
when you are in your good times
are nice, but real friends?

so bad times are good
if you want to find it out
who is real, who's not

that's what friends are for
they help you through thin and thick
friends are there for you

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Mon, 14 Nov 2005

Merry X-Mas

I know, I know. A bit early, you might say. But let's face it: The shopping industry is already fully into christmas. You already get advent calendars, christmas cookies and thing in the various stores. And I got my first christmas presents the last week....

First of all I finally tried again to switch to Linux 2.6. Going through the great amount of options in my make oldconfig from 2.4 I finally tried to boot with it. The most deep changes I did was:

  • Switching from APM to ACPI: This was one of the things I was worried about. But there was nothing to worry, I now can even see the temperature of the processor!
  • Software Suspend: I now can shutdown my system to disk! That rocks, and seems to be more stable than the former APM sleep mode, which occasionally had problems with waking up again...
  • The powerbutton now performs a shutdown. Unfortunately it is the only button that seems to get recognized, the key bindings with the function key don't do much. But I am confident that this can be settled out, they are sending keycodes. Calling acpitool manually isn't that much of an annoyance yet.
  • Switching from OSS to ALSA: Another thing I was worried about. But I found out about the OSS emulation, so that reduced my worries. In the end I'm now even running without it, programs like mp3blaster I'm running with the wrapper from alsa-oss. Switched the few packages that were OSS specific on my system (like the SDL sound package) afterwards and am happy with it.
  • Framebuffer module neofb works now built in! Finally I also can play around with some nice boot logo, and in connection with software suspend this isn't even wasted time. :)

This was my own christmas present. But I got some more, from a dear friend whom I'm working with and helping from time to time. More in a funny way I sent him a christmas wishlist, but he took it serious, and so there I am. Like, with a Gameboy Advance SP Kingdom Hearts Edition, including the game. I really loved the first part on my Playstation 2, am desperately waiting for the second part which shall be released in europe in spring next year... *sighs*

The second major part was a Typhoon My Mini DJ music player. Most important thing for me with it is that it plays oggvorbis files natively. Finally I'm not the only one without a portable music player!

Last but not least I'm going to attend LWE in Frankfurt/Main, and finishing my LPI Level 1 certification there. I'm not too worried about the test, though it for sure will be a good feeling to finally have something written and not only you lot telling me that I have some knowledge about it.

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