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Wed, 23 Mar 2005

Correction to rsync Entry

I have written about that rsync rocks. This obviously is still true, but I need to make a correction to it about something that might have been misunderstood: I did try it, but the idea for trying it came originally from Matthias Kopfermann. He came up with suggesting xdelta or rsync, and personally I would never have thought of testing it if it wouldn't have been for him. It was simply a result that I'd have never expected.

I want to excuse to those who have read my previous entry which was really scathing, and especially to Matthi. It was written in a bad mood and after a heated discussion about something else, so I reacted in a really bad way. I hope this will stay the only time I have to change my blog because I usually don't like these things at all, appart from typo fixes, of course.

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Tue, 22 Mar 2005

Blosxom Test Package

I have prepared the announced test package for blosxom. Please send in any comments on it as soon as possible, I want to push it into the pool soon (as fast as I am able to get the debconf translation updates). This should address the most serious problems and avoid the same breakage again in the future.

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Fri, 18 Mar 2005

rsync rocks my home!

With the release of grml 0.3 I wondered if it does gain much while trying to suck the image via rsync. So I did the following:

$> mv grml_0.2.iso grml_0.3.iso
$> rsync rsync://grml.gwendoline.at/grml/grml_0.3.iso grml_0.3.iso

Because grml is based on unstable really much has changed, so I wonder what the outcome might be. And it really astonished me:

sent 189798 bytes  received 377290139 bytes  444879.12 bytes/sec
total size is 727541760  speedup is 1.93

That means in fact, that only (189798+377290139)/727541760*100 == 51% of the total iso image file size got transfered. Woohhh!! People, pretty please start using rsync for such jobs more often!

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Thu, 17 Mar 2005

breaking blosxom

blosxom is badly broken. A careful fix for this seems to be hell of a work and rather impossible. So djpig sugguested to really break it for being able to fix it. This is a path that I never thought of have to travel as a maintainer but he seems to be right: it's the only sane way to fix this pre-release. I will announce the really broken (upgrade-wise) packages in my blog for people eager to test prior my upload. Especially I'll inform the translators of the debconf files in advance so have the update in the upload, too.

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Wed, 16 Mar 2005

Cinema Update

Yes, we have been to cinema this year already. And there are loads of films missing from last year. I will write quick entries about the films of this year in counter-chronology order so you can skip reading the links about the olders. I'll skip the remaining from last year, noone really will be interested anyway.

First film yesterday has been "Hitch". I guess it is a really funny film, I usually like Will Smith quite much — only I was in terrible mood since the later afternoon, and still am partly. I couldn't find the real distraction in it and enjoy it... I've terribly offended someone I considered a friend. I really hope that I get the chance to resolve it. I'm sooo sorry.... :-((

Second film has been "Meet the Fockers". I don't know if it was able to distract me more or if it was just better, but at least I was able to follow better. I really liked the way Barbara Streisand and Dustin Hoffman were acting as the Focker parents. Definitely a nice movie, and I hope I'll be watching them both again when I'm in a better mood.

Last week's films: "Finding Neverland" — Johnny Depp playing the Peter Pan author. Kate Winslet is great, too. And "Cellular" — Kim Basinger kidnapped and making her final call through a wrecked telephone. Really good thriller!

Before: "Ocean's Twelve" — great sequel, and even staring Bruce Willis! Yeah!

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Wed, 09 Mar 2005


Monday was a really bad day. First it started off with some call from the office from a sales collegue who didn't listen to reason but was just complaining about our sysadmin team. At work I noticed that he even sent the corresponding mail to an address he never used before, making it hard to find... Later I got notified that a dear uncle of mine died and gets buried on friday. And if this wouldn't be enough for a bad day the European Council Presidency adopted the Software Patent Agreement against the council's rules...

At that time, the day did finish itself on me. I tried to get my work done and hope I didn't do too many mistakes. Even finally got around to upload the new sponsored upstream version of libetpan1 into the pool. But it didn't help much for a distraction. Disappointed a dear friend really much by publishing a (to me, at that time) stupid private statement and getting him into trouble. Tried to help him in return though to get some "inner knowledge" about the Überraschungseier for a friend of him from an old online community I'm in. Though I wasn't able to find the conference room there anymore (I guess it got removed, like everything interesting gets removed or discontinued after some time...) but stumbled across a different conference room there: "Hate and Selfhate".

Exactly what I needed in that mood, thank you... There was this link in it to Selbsthass which really made me wonder. Reading the page touched me to the bottom of my heart (especially the Dialog), though I'm not cutting myself and haven't been (sexually) abused. But the page about narcissism shocked me and just enforced my own knowledge that I'm female inside. I don't care what (most) people think about me, they don't know me. If you want to put me into some stereotype, feel free but you are mostly always wrong and won't receive my acknowledge. I don't fit anywhere, I'm an individual, not a mass-production. I can understand why people wonder about Rhonda and what's behind it, and from time to time I might write something like this up letting out some background information about that part of me, which turns out to be more and more important to myself. But pretty please let myself choose the time for it.

I like to thank one very special person, though. That person helped me through the monday evening and managed that I could go to sleep with feeling quite cheerful again. I have no idea how I deserve friends like this, maybe it's not about deserving anyway, but I know that my life wouldn't be what it is without that very special person. You know who you are, thank you a thousands time!!!
Friends are an important part of my life. And I'm really glad that there are some I can depend on, even in the toughest times. I know about at least two other persons that I could depend on to be there for me, and I'm sorry that I didn't contact you two, too. And I'm quite sure you two know that I'm talking about you. Thank you, too, for staying with me and being there for me when I need some help to make it through this hell called life....

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Tue, 08 Mar 2005

E-Day, aewan

Time is passing by, live is passing by. Same shit, only different days. Unless you take a closer look. Doing sponsor uploads regularly, and then out of the short there are things like the e_day. Got invited to help there just really shortly before, and after all I can say I was glad that it was possible to get free for it. It was an event by the local economy camber and mostly company oriented. They had this booth area for the so-called "Open Source Expert Group" where Alexander Biedermann and me helped out. We have been there just until about 13 o'clock, but still quite some interesting questions popped up that we hopefully were able to answer. I even got the chance to promote debian-women there, we talked to two women for quite a while who were quite interested in both what Alexander's company and Debian could offer them. Although only wireless lan was available we tried to make the best of it.

Playing around with aewan lately. Submitted two small patches already, one to add the usual "<o>ther corner" function to the selection mode which almost all tools have in the one or other way, and fiddling around with the HTML export to make it also show the background color and some other quirks in the resulting HTML source. Right now I just came up with another patch that should be incorporated into aecat, hope it will be done as quickly as the others. I really think that this is one of the most helpful tools for ASCII/ANSI artists, especially the layer part rocks.

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