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Tue, 07 Jun 2005

The Girl and the Boy

I know this is not a Haiku, but when I started this section I didn't know that I'd write something else and I don't know where else to put it. So for the time being it will be here.

It started out with the first paragraph while heading for the train. There I opened my laptop and started writing it down, not knowing what would it turn into. I just knew what the next paragraph would look like, I knew she needed a counter part. From there I got this rough line in my head and it simply evolved. Some part even shifted around a bit while writing...

I hope you like it. I know at least that I do. If you like it or leave me some message on it please view the piece on deviantART and do it there.

The Girl and the Boy - Complete Piece

there has been a girl
who had it up to here
she was annoyed with anything
and was drinking too much beer

then there was a boy
whose life was neither easy
and every day he got up well
he ended being dizzy

life had been a bully
to both of them so far
the only thing it spared for them
was an enourmous, visible scar

they never saw each other
and maybe never will
though there is something special
and that is both their skill

the love for art connects them
helps them through their lifes
though the distance cuts them
deepest like some knifes

yet so far they seem so close
making it through their days
and living to give each other strength
in most peculiar ways

I wonder what may happen next
when they maybe meet
I guess at least, for a start
there would be a treat

the life goes on for you and me
here the story ends
just like in all the cinemas
now the story blends

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Thu, 02 Jun 2005

I'm still alive

Yes, I'm still alive. Some people know what was going on in the last weeks with me because they were involved, but some people just read my blog and might wonder what's up. Though, often I get the impression that I'm ignored anyway.

First of all I was working on getting some late packages into the upcoming sarge release. I'm confident that it will release soonish, I even promised someone that it will release within the next two months and I'm quite sure that this promise will hold.

Last week has been the Linuxwochen Wien and because I was responsible for the organization of the community booths there I was quite stressed with preperations and stuff so it works well for everyone. I guess I didn't do a too bad job though I know I could have done much better. Also I couldn't avoid to feel responsible for the Debian booth there which just raised my stress a bit. But it was fun anyway, especially the hacknight with the included Open Source Lan Party. We played the game Hack the Net in speed 100. It was really nice, I took a late and slow start but managed to win in the end, with a respectable margin.

We also had some new shirts this year, the design really was great, and formed a new term: debiennadebi(an vi)enna. Some shots of the shirts were taken, too. We have quite some left, I'll take some to HEL with me, it would be nice to tell me if you want one, so I don't take too few with me. Keep in mind that they are limited edition anyway so some reservation might not be a too bad idea (yes, helix, yours is already reserved. :))

I was informed that a really kind person bought me a deviantART subscription for my account there. It is really a charm, the additional features are simply great, I really love it. *kisses* to you!

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