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Wed, 09 Jun 2004

logcheck stable update again, Cinema Unlimited

I'm preparing again an update for logcheck for stable. The debconf implementation was really broken back then and it wasn't prepared for an non-interactive debconf frontend (like debconf-tiny and the mail frontend provides). I've already talked to our stable release manager and he said he would accept a fix for that bug. It seems like I'm becoming the stable official for logcheck, or something. :)

The Cineplexx cinemas have a great offer these days: 10 films for € 25,- (where 9 of them are pre-picked and one to choose yourself). Of course we choose to take that ticket, and have seen the first three films already:

  • First has been "Troy" on sunday. It was nice, but not outstanding. Priam should have better listened to his sons. Both of them...
  • Yesterday we watched again two films. We started with "Day After Tomorrow". Was great. Roland Emmerich is considered to be a great american patriot (although he is from germany), but in here he had quite some sidekicks against the americans. The finish was hollywood like, but still not kitschy. Nice waste of time.
  • Third film has been "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban". Really sweet, especially the creature book and the Hippogriff were great.

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