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Tue, 02 Mar 2004

debconf5 organization restarted, cinema again

Not much done recently. Sorry, pals - I'm not in the mood for anything currently. I am not sure if it matters at all. It's a bit depressing when you only find bugs that are already solved...

Maybe just one thing: We need to start addressing debconf5 soon or it won't happen. I will send a sum up of so far discussed things again to the debian-at list to start brainstorming again. At least I was told that IBM is willing to sponsor the event, so the first steps are already taken. We just still don't know the date yet because we don't know yet when LinuxTag 2005 will happen. Please don't flood my mailbox with inquiries, rather address them to the debian-at list.

Have been to cinema again. First film this time has been "Shanghai Knights". If you like Jackie Chan you will definitely like this film. Yes, it is a sequel to Shanghai Noon".
Second film has been "Honey". The story was quite plain, nothing unexpected, but the dance scenes and the music made up for that.

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