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Mon, 15 Mar 2004

monkeys.com blacklist disfunctional!

If you are using the monkeys.com blacklist on your mailservers you should have noticed a vast reduction in mail receiving. I wasn't aware that my mail did run through such a blacklist, unfortunately it was. Otherwise I would have informed my mailadmin earlier about that they "were shut down and discontinued on September 23rd, 2003". This sunday they have turned the discontinued list to return true for every entry like happend on other discontinued lists already and thus all mails were blocked unfortunately.
If you tried to reach me in the last day please consider sending your mail again. I have checked the logfiles and aproximately 80 mails or such were blocked. In whole it were 113 mails but that included already bounced mails with empty from and mails to my Message-Id: strings, which would have bounced anyway, and some other strange sending parts.

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